Delayed life syndrome during the war: how to recognize and how to overcome
March 08, 2021

Signs of delayed life syndrome:

  • you live with thoughts of a cloudless future;
  • constantly waiting for the right moment;
  • postpone or even forbid yourself to enjoy pleasant moments, flowers, sunset, books, manicures, coffee, etc .;
  • you feel like an observer of your own life.

How to overcome the syndrome of delayed life?

1. Get started. You can start with the basics: transplant flowers, sort things out, start painting.

2. Create a detailed plan. Performing the first point, you will from time to time stop yourself: “Why all this?”. Therefore, a plan must be devised for different scenarios. Whatever happens, having a plan won’t get you off track.

3. Get organized. Start with your life, daily routine and help others in this.

4. Be active and resilient. Activity in the current environment may be different, but above all, it should be fun. It is important to find what you really like to do: run a page on social networks, cook, volunteer, etc.

5. Praise yourself for what you did today.

6. Talk to those who support you in this situation.

7. Meet your needs. If possible, eat regularly, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Your other needs come from feelings and desires.

It is very difficult for people with delayed life syndrome to understand that life is happening right now. The life they have always planned to live is already underway and requires active action.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Psychologist Hasanova Leila