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October 24, 2022

Most of the charitable organizations and foundations meet the needs of Ukrainians every day, collecting the necessary stuff and sending them to those who are in need.

Makar Kislov, the President of the Life&Peace Charitable Foundation, shared the areas of his activity, spoke about the mission and work of the foundation.

How many areas does “Life&Peace” work in? What is the primary focus of the foundation?

The Life&Peace Charitable Foundation, which has been established this year, identified several main areas of activity in a relatively short period of time.
First of all, the foundation helps children who are ill, if they require special medical care, and also systematically helps organizations that have social and educational goals, such as an orphanage No. 15 near Warsaw.

Today we have one more area of ​​work that requires our constant involvement and attention, which is the aid to the military and refugees. The Foundation regularly provides different Ukrainian cities with humanitarian aid, ensures the purchase and distribution of military ammunition, medicines and vehicles, and provides humanitarian aid to refugees from Ukraine.

Some of the Fund’s philanthropists are Ukrainians. Together with representatives of the Foundation, as well as with private individuals and third-party organizations from Europe and America, they develop the activities of the Life & Peace charity organization together.

What has already been done to meet the needs of the military and refugees?

In cooperation with other organizations and thanks to their own efforts, we were able to find opportunities and resources to help defenders concerning their humanitarian issues and provide them with the necessary aid, such as cars, ambulances, etc.

During the foundation’s activity, we were able to provide help concerning the following things:

• SUV KIA Sorenta and humanitarian aid for military unit A2167
• Humanitarian aid as well as the payment for 3 off-road vehicles for the 5th unit of the 27th brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine
• Emergency medical aid for the 13th second-wave assault battalion named after the Hero of Ukraine of Colonel Taras Senyuk (13th ODSHB, military unit a1910), which is a unit of the assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. (Together with assistance of the “Lions on a Jeep” charitable foundation)
• Humanitarian aid for the Boyarka Territorial Defense No. 1 named after Yevhen Konovalets’
• Humanitarian aid for refugees (more than 100 families)
• The organization and delivery of the humanitarian aid for mothers with children who, as a result of Russian aggression, were forced to temporarily stay in a shared house at the bus station in Warsaw.

Even in such harsh conditions, we cannot forget about the people’s emotions, especially when it comes to children. Therefore, we decided to organize a zoo therapy for Ukrainian children. This helps to relieve the stress and improve the emotional state of children.

What Ukrainian organizations and initiatives do you cooperate with?

We have joined forces with those who support the foundation and have the common goals with us. We work with many Ukrainian organizations and military units, such as charitable organization “Lions on a Jeep”, charitable foundation “Landscaping of Ukraine”, Charitable Foundation “Ukrainian project”, Military Unit A2167, Bila Tserkva, Military Unit A2227, 40th artillery brigade of the great Prince Vitovt and others.

We are always ready to cooperate with those who need help and with those who are ready to provide it.

What does “Life&Peace” pay most attention to now? What are the urgent tasks of the fund?

Today, we continue to provide humanitarian aid to refugees, buy cars for AFU, unite with partners and do everything possible to bring the desired victory closer.

Also, the fund does not stop pursuing the main activity, which is a medical care for children. Now we are providing rehabilitation for Antonina Yankovskaya, as she has been diagnosed with West syndrome, development of psychomotor development and prematurity.

What do you plan to focus on in the next few years?

The plan stays the same, which is to increase our help to the Ukrainian military front! We also want to implement the Social Life project. The goal of the project is to raise funds for the construction of social housing for people who lost their homes as a result of the war.

What do you see as the global mission of the foundation?

Our goal is to make the world a better place together with you.
Our mission is to make people believe in simple, sincere, human relationships again.