Help for animals in Poland
September 08, 2022

When you go outside in Warsaw, you will hardly be able to find at least one homeless animal. That is pure happiness.

But there is the other side of the coin: shelters for homeless animals that need the help of each of us.

In July 2022, at the request of Animal Guard in Poland Straż dla Zwierząt w Polsce, we delivered food for dogs and cats that were left homeless.

How your donations can help cats and dogs:

  1. we can assist in feeding stray dogs and cats;
  2. we can help by arranging regular visits to the veterinarian and getting the necessary vaccinations;
  3. we can help in the treatment of sick animals;
  4. We can help them find shelter and a place to play.

How to join?

Call us if you want to bring food, medicine, or toys.

After that, our volunteers will hand over the necessary things to the nearest shelter, and we will present a report on the activities for you.

Feel free to donate online.

Your donations will make our four-legged ones happier!