June-August 2022 Report
September 08, 2022

We were able to help:

  • Together with humanitarian aid, we bought two pickup trucks for the fifth division of the 27 the Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine;
  • SUV KIA Sorento and humanitarian aid for military unit A2167;
  • Ambulance service for the 13th Separate Air Assault Battalion named after Hero of Ukraine Colonel Taras Senyuk (13. BDSZ, JW A1910), which is a unit of the Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. (With the support of the charity fund “Lions on a Jeep”);
  • Humanitarian assistance to the troops, namely the Borovolsky formation of the Boyar Territorial Defense No. 1 by Yevgeny Konovalets;
  • Humanitarian assistance to more than 100 families of refugees from Ukraine;
  • Carrying out and financing zootherapy for children from Ukraine;
  • Organization and delivery of humanitarian aid to mothers with children who, as a result of the Russian military aggression in Ukraine, were forced to temporarily live in a shared house located at the Western Bus Station in Warsaw;
  • We took care and paid for five rounds of rehabilitation for Antonina Yankovskaya, who was diagnosed with West syndrome (delayed psychomotor development, prematurity).