Seasonal cleaning of the beaches in Warsaw
September 08, 2022

Is it clean enough on Polish beaches?

We thought about the environmental issues again and decided to organize a trip to clean up the beach on Czerniakow Lake in Warsaw from the garbage.

What do you need to make your holiday the right one?

  1. Use reusable tableware.
  2. Instead of foil bags, get a unique shopping bag – it will look more aesthetic and environmentally friendly, that is, 2 in 1.
  3. Do not throw garbage out in inappropriate places.
  4. Replace your regular disposable cup with a thermal mug. This will prevent you from asking yourself, “If I drink, where should I throw it?”.
  5. Buy bamboo or metal drinking straws.
  6. And most importantly, start sorting garbage🥹

Taking a step towards raising environmental awareness is not that difficult.

A small contribution of the LIFE&PEACE Foundation to the future of our big world 💙