Rules and Terms Rules and Terms

Rules and Terms for Users:

1. Donations: Donations made to the Charity Foundation "Life and Peace" are voluntary and non-refundable. By making a donation, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

2. Payment Methods: We accept donations through PayPal, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers. All payments are processed through secure and reliable payment processors. We do not store your payment information on our servers.

3. Tax Deductibility: Donations to the Charity Foundation "Life and Peace" may be tax-deductible in some jurisdictions. Please consult your tax advisor for information on tax deductibility.

4. Cryptocurrencies: We accept donations in several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tron. Please note that cryptocurrency donations may be subject to market fluctuations and volatility.

5. Privacy: We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

6. Use of Donations: Donations made to the Charity Foundation "Life and Peace" will be used to support our programs and services. We will use your donations in accordance with our mission and the needs of the community we serve.

7. Donor Recognition: We may recognize donors on our website, social media, or other channels. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please let us know at the time of your donation.

8. Communication: By providing your contact information, you agree to receive communication from the Charity Foundation "Life and Peace" regarding your donation and our programs and services. You may opt out of these communications at any time.

9. Changes to Terms: We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at any time. The updated terms and conditions will be posted on our website, and we encourage you to review them periodically.

10.Contact Us: If you have any questions or concerns about these rules and terms, please contact us at the email address provided on our website.