Ukrainian Emergency

Our goal is to reinstate people’s belief in simple, genuine human relationships.


The project of the charitable foundation LIFE&PEACE aimed at helping Ukrainian IDPs from the east and south, who were forced to leave their homes and move to safer settlements of Ukraine due to the Russian aggression against Ukraine.



What we do

The Life&Peace Charitable Foundation primarily helps sick children who need specialized medical care. In addition to providing the financial and humanitarian aid to all those who need it in Poland, the foundation also supports the initiative of Ukrainian organizations.


  • Acceptance of donations

    Our foundation accepts donations for purchasing medication and financing humanitarian aid in Europe. All donated funds will be utilized to help meet the needs of refugees and their children, large families, disabled individuals, elderly citizens, and the military.

  • Be with us

    Anyone willing and in position to help is welcome to do so. Kindness and courage are the virtues much more meaningful today than ever! Let our deepest essence unfold as we unite in supporting and defending each other. Do not stand aside, stand with us, not in word, but in deed!

  • Public initiative

    Life&peace is a non-profit organization, financed by private donations only. There is someone in need out there right this second, and it is in your hands to help them. Want to do more? Share the link to this website with co-workers, friends, and family to support more initiatives.


There is no trouble we can not resolve ourselves!Together

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